Order Transactions

Discover how to efficiently manage and analyze orders from your Shopify store. Learn to use the Orders Transactions dataset to generate detailed lists of orders that meet your specific criteria.

Export Results

Order Transactions are created for every order that results in an exchange of money.

Using the Order Transactions dataset, you can retrieve detailed information about these events, along with information about the order as well.

Order Filters

If necessary, you have the option to restrict the number of returned items by applying filters to the export. The following fields are available for this purpose:

  • Status (Order) - Mandatory: any, open, closed, cancelled.

  • Created At (Order): Date and time when the order was created in Shopify.

  • Updated At (Order): The date and time when the order was modified last.

  • Processed At (Order): The date and time when the order was processed.

  • Fulfillment Status (Order): any, unfulfilled, shipped, partial, unshipped,

  • Financial Status (Order): any, authorized, pending, paid, partially_paid, refunded, voided, partially_refunded, unpaid.

Order Metafields

Metafields can be utilized to tailor the functionality and look of your Shopify store by enabling you to store specific information that is not typically recorded in the Shopify admin. These metafields can serve for internal tracking or to showcase specialized details on your online store in various formats.

To export metafields for orders, simply input the metafield namespace and key values:

You can get these values from the Order metafield definitions page in your Shopify Admin:

For the given example, you would need to input these namespaces and keys, along with a descriptive header name to locate it in the sheet:

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